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With the 4th Selection of the 2007 Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select………

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As always the mock drafts were coming thick and fast and the consensus opinion was the Bucs would draft Calvin Johnson from Georgia Tech. Johnson had been touted as the “can’t miss pick” of the 2007 draft and was the consensus #1 pick in the draft. However the teams above Tampa (Oakland, Detroit and Cleveland) appeared to have no real need at WR. Oakland had Porter, Cleveland had Edwards and Detroit had drafted more receivers than anyone thought possible. So although he was the #1 talent Johnson was unlikely to be the #1 pick unless someone traded up. The Bucs looked the most obvious place.

The Bucs had been struggling at the WR position for the last 2 seasons. Joey Galloway had been the lynch pin of the WR core but is getting on in years, Michael Clayton has never been able to find his rookie form and we have only really had fringe players at the #3 WR position. However the vaunted Tampa 2 defence with players such as Brooks, Sapp and Lynch has slowly been on the wane since their pomp in the seasons leading up to and the season of the SuperBowl win also needed a major injection of talent. The defense was no where near its best and needed help all over the field with Defensive End and Safety being the obvious areas of concern.

The fans were split – some willing to trade the house to ensure we got CJ – the more pragmatic saying that we should stay put. If CJ falls to us at 4 thats great otherwise we take the top player of need.

Calvin Johnson

Rumours flew in the weeks leading up to the draft. The Bucs were offering Simeon Rice as part of a trade with Detroit to get the #2 pick or that the Bucs would give up both of their 2nd round picks to move up. At first I was convinced after watching game film that CJ was the player we needed and would give the Bucs a true #1 WR for the next decade. However as I looked more at the teams needs, rather than the top draft prospects I realised that we had to utilise all our draft picks and retool the team.

Draft day dawned and I tuned into ESPN. The Raiders took Russell, then came Detroit, would we be trading up ? Then possibly the biggest surprise of draft day… “with the 2nd pick of the 2007 NFL draft the Detroit Lions select…… Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech”. Was this a plan between the Lions and some other team to trade Johnson later in the day – like the Giants and Chargers did with Manning and Rivers ? As it transpired the Lions would keep Johnson.

The Bucs decided to stay put and drafted Gaines Adams the DE from Clemson. With Rice and Spires getting long in the tooth and DeWayne White being traded to Detriot DE was the sensible pick. The first pick of the second round was more of a surprise. It looked likely that another defensive player would be taken. However the Bucs sprung a suprise in drafting Aaron Sears, a Guard from Tenessee. The rest of the draft was mainly focused on defensive talent, injecting youth and the staple of the Tampa2 players with pace.

The Bucs draft 2007.

Rd Sel# Player Pos.
1 4 Adams, Gaines DE
2 35 Sears, Arron OT
2 64 Piscitelli, Sabby SS
3 68 Black, Quincy OLB
4 106 Jackson, Tanard CB
5 141 Peterson, Greg DE
6 182 Hayward, Adam OLB
7 214 Denman, Chris OT
7 245 Hamilton, Marcus CB
7 246 Darby, Kenneth RB

Possibly the happiest man in Tampa that day was Monte Kiffin who saw his aging defence get a much needed injection of talent.


Written by UK Bucs Fan

August 3, 2007 at 9:21 pm

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