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Chris Simms’ future

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There has been a lot of media speculation concerning Chris Simms’ future in Tampa. This time last season Simms was the undoubted #1 QB but he know finds himself at 4th on the depth chart and the future doesn’t look great. Simms hasn’t thrown a pass in preseason and is hoping to see some action in the next preseason game against the Dolphins. However, it’s unlikely that he’ll get any playing time. It has been reported that Simms has looked nowhere near ready to play in a competitive game so I doubt that he will see the field.

Chris Simms

If he is cut, it would be a tough call on Simms. I have never felt that he has had the full backing of Jon Gruden and his performances have reflected that. He started to get things going in 2005 season but started last season dreadfully and was in danger of being benched before being injured in the game against the Panthers. Gruden has always preferred veteran leadership at the QB position and you always get the feeling that Gruden was sticking with Simms as he had no alternative. As soon as he was able to bring in a veteran he did so and Jeff Garcia will be the starting day QB.

The Bucs have a tough decision to make, do they cut Simms or go into the season with 4 QB’s on the active roster ? Jon Gruden has been at pains to say that they cannot place Simms on IR as he isn’t injured, and will they cut him after he signed a $2.1 million 1 year contract extension in late 2006 ?

If they do keep him on it’s with an eye to the future. Neither McCown or Gradkowski look like they’ll be starting QB’s any time soon and how many seasons does Jeff Garcia have in him ? Looking to a future without Simms, there are a number of QB’s that are being touted as day 1 picks in the ’08 draft. Brian Brohm of Louisville, Chad Henne of Michigan and Andre Woodson of Kentucky are generating a lot of interest and Brohm is already slated as a top 5 pick on many sites.

Brian Brohm

Things may be looking up for Simms however, rumours are already circulating that the Falcons are monitoring Simms after they lost their third string QB DJ Shockley to a torn ACL. Shockley has been placed on IR and the Falcons will need some cover.

As much as I hate to see him go, I think Simms will be cut at the end of the preseason games. The Bucs have to cut the squad to 53 players and I can’t see them using a roster spot on a player who can’t contribute. It’s certainly tough on Simms but in with the “next man up” approach of the NFL his time in Tampa may be numbered.


Written by UK Bucs Fan

August 21, 2007 at 8:45 pm

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