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Should the Bucs have rested the starters ?

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In the last 2 games the Bucs have rested a number of the starters, and I’m in two minds as to whether this was a good idea. At half time against the 9ers there were wholesale changes as the first teamers were benched and the backups got to play the 2nd half. This week against the Panthers, what effectively was a second team took to the field.

I understand Grudens thinking in that we need to protect the starters like Graham, Garcia and Galloway but part of me thinks that they should have at least played 1 or 2 snaps on Sunday. Timing is key on an offence and when the Bucs suit up to meet the Giants it’ll be 2 weeks since the starters have been on the field. Also what will the Bucs mind set be after two losses (albeit two close ones) ?

I just hope this doesn’t backfire next week as we’ll need to hit the ground running against the Giants. Manning and his offence had one of their best days of the season against the Patriots on Saturday and if the Bucs defence cant stop Burress and Jacobs, it will be up to the offence to try and keep the Bucs in the game.

Will Graham be better for 2 weeks on the sidelines ?

Written by UK Bucs Fan

December 31, 2007 at 7:00 pm

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