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Free Agency Week 2

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So the Bucs have carried on where they left off last week and continued to add to their roster. I have to admit I was shocked when we signed Garcia but when we signed Warrick “Stick a fork in me i’m” Dunn i was stunned. So heres a round up of this weeks Bucs FA activity.


Warrick Dunn

Yes we need help, but do we need a 33 year old RB with 10,000 yards on the clock ? Dunn has signed a 2 year deal and it certainly seems to indicate that the Bucs aren’t expecting Cadillac Williams back this season. Dunn will certainly provide a nice change up from Earnest Graham, and it leaves a lot of questions over the #3 RB spot. Looks like there will be a great battle between Pittman, Bennett and Darby.

Marques Douglas

Defensive End signed from the 49ers and should provide cover at the DE positions. More of a run stuffing DE he should be able to fill the same sort of run stuffing role that Greg Spires and Kevin Carter excelled in.

Antonio Bryant

Another signing that doesn’t thrill me. I can’t see that Bryant provides anything more than we already have at WR. I’ll wait for him to prove me wrong though 🙂


Brian Kelly

BK has found a new home in Detroit. The terms of the deal haven’t been announced but I’m hoping the Lions haven’t given him more than 2p and signed him to a pay as you play. I just hope for the Lions that he can stay fit

Kalvin Pearson

It looks likely that Pearson may find a home in Detroit with BK. Nothing has been finalised yet but i’m expecting this deal to complete soon


Despite signing Antonio Bryant the Bucs still seem to be in the market for WR’s as they have been rumoured to be actively pursuing DJ Hackett.

Kevin Carter has also been linked with the Raiders


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