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Draft Day

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So the annual meat market that is the NFL Draft has rolled into the Radio City Music Hall in New York. In the gap between the Superbowl and Pre Season its the Draft that holds the avid NFL fans interest as they discuss such things as short shuttles, 40 times, character issues and the oft quoted “upside”.

So who are the Bucs likely to take with their first round pick, #20 overall ?

Opinions swing wildly from one player to another from one position to another dependant on what someone feels is the biggest need for the team or the likely Best Player Available (BPA).

Here’s a selection of mock draft picks for the Bucs

Mel Kiper – Aqib Talib CB

Rick Gosselin – Jonathon Stewart RB

Vic Carriucci – DeSean Jackson WR

Todd McShay – Aqib Talib CB

Foxsports – Devin Thomas WR

From just 5 supposed draftniks we have 4 different players and 3 different positions of need. Of the positions selected above WR and CB are the most pressing need.  The Bucs certainly have needs at CB, with BK having left and Ronde hitting 33 we have no heir apparent. I have seen Mike Jenkins mentioned alongside Talib as another potential draft day target.

At WR i’ve seen us linked with just about every potential round 1 prospect, these include Limas Sweed, James Hardy and Malcolm Kelly. Of all the WR’s i’d like Sweed from Texas if we did go WR. He has a nice blend of size and speed, although not quite a burner in the Galloway mould could develop into that #1 receiver for the future.

Throw into the draft mix, trades, both up and down, the first few rounds of this years draft promise to be real interesting.

Just waiting for Commissioner Goodell to take the stage and utter the words, with the 20th pick of the 2008 draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select…..






Written by UK Bucs Fan

April 26, 2008 at 4:30 pm

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