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A New Era Dawns….

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I can’t believe it’s been over a year since i blogged last, and a lot has happened with the Bucs since then. Last season started well, but tailed off miserably, Gruden and Allen were unceremoniously dumped, we cut the franchises greatest ever player, made a splash in Free Agency with what appears some luxury picks and started to rebuild. With all this in mind i’ve decided to resurrect this blog and offer some opinions on the happenings at One Buc Place.

What have you done for me lately ? Gruden and Allen Fired.

I won’t rehash the end of last season except to say it was a train wreck. A lot has been said about how Montes’ leaving was handled and how it affected the team. Despite all the words to contrary i can’t see how losing the architect of your defense, the one thing most other fans know you for, doesn’t impact the play on the field.

There was no sign of Gruden being fired at the end of the season and I thought he was safe for another year. However, out of the blue both Gruden and Allen are given their marching orders by the Glazers. The timing did seem odd as most of the prospective candidates had been snapped up, but the Bucs clearly had men in mind and they were Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik.

It’s hard to judge the legacy of Gruden and Allen. Some will point to the SuperBowl win, but was it really worth all that we gave up to get Gruden ? Would Dungy, given another season got the team that same ring ? My gut feeling is that we overpaid for Gruden in terms of draft picks and this hampered the development of the team post the Superbowl win and lead to this cycle of mediocrity and playoff seasons that we have had since.

A New Era ….

Just like the Gruden sacking, no one saw Raheem Morris as the new coach of the Bucs. Certainly he was seen as a rising star of the organisation and is well respected by players and staff alike. He’s certainly come a long way in a very short space of time though. This time last year he was the DB’s coach, now he’s trying to mould the Bucs into his team. Does he have the skills and experience necessary to lead a team that is clearly in a state of transition ? He’s brought in a lot of new coaches and assistants to help this transition and I think the signings of Derrick Ward and Angelo Crowell shows the influence of the new offenisve and defensive co-ordinators.

For me the franchise had gone stale and we didn’t seem to have a long term plan for the direction of the franchise. I’ve had my interest in the Bucs revatilized by the off season activities at the Bucs and hope that next weeks draft also brings more to stoke the fires.


Written by UK Bucs Fan

April 18, 2009 at 11:34 am

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