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Day 1 Draft Targets

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So this weekend its the NFL draft, possibly one of the most hyped weekends in all of football. Will that 1st round pick change the fortunes of the franchise or will it be a bust ? This is the lottery that is the draft, some so called can’t miss talent fails (Ryan Leaf) or some late round steals become franchise stars (Tom Brady). Without a 2nd round pick the Bucs could be in an interesting position. They don’t have any real ammunition to trade up to get a player like Mark Sanchez in the first round, and there maybe no real value for the Bucs in the players that could be available at #19 so a trade down could also be on the cards.

So if the Bucs stay put at 19 who are the potential Buccaneers ? Taking into account the Free Agency pickups the biggest need for the team is D-Line, whether that be DE or DT, CB as Ronde isn’t getting any younger and at WR we really are struggling to get a partner for Antonio Bryant.

Round Pick # Overall Pick #
1 19 19
3 17 81
4 20 120
5 19 155
6 18 191
7 8 217
7 20 229
7 24 233

Defensive Line;

Looking at the D-Line, at End players  such as Michael Johnson of Georgia Tech, Aaron Maybin of Penn State, Larry English of Northern Illinois and Robert Ayers of Tennessee are all being mentioned as potential picks by the draftniks. Ayers stock appears to be rising fast and he could have been picked by the time the Bucs are on the clock. Both Johnson and Maybin, have been labelled a liability against the run by some scouts and the Bucs like their LDE to be stout against the run, and there are doubts that English has the bulk to play DE in the NFL. With their issues against the run it seems that none of the DE’s that could be available suit the Bucs current defensive scheme. Inside BJ Raji, of Boston College will be long gone if the draftniks have it right, so the only other possible round 1 talent is Peria Jerry of Ole Miss. Rumours have it that the Bucs are looking to get bigger across the front 7 and Jerry at just under 300lb could be a bit undersized for this new defensive front.


With the offseason pickup of Byron Leftwich and the contract handed to Luke McCown you could say the Bucs are set at QB. A few sites seem keen on Josh Freeman and with the Bucs looking to be able to stretch the field a QB with a cannon arm is a must. Freeman is big at 6’6, but has great athleticism. Raheem Morris has Kansas links so wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucs pulled the trigger if he was available.


Brooks and June have gone and the Bucs are looking for Jermaine Phillips to step up from Safety to try and fill #55 cleats. Can he do this ? The Bucs may look for some insurance and USC LB Brian Cushing could be available.

My gut feel is that the Bucs will look to bolster the D-Line and if their targets aren’t availble look to possibly trade down to try and pick up a 2nd round pick.