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Alex Smith Traded to Patriots

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Alex Smith has been traded to the Patriots for an undisclosed pick in next years draft. I liked Smith and what he could have brought to the Bucs offence but felt he was never used to his full potential by the Bucs. Clearly more adept in the passing game than the blocking he never the less found himself in the trenches protecting the QB. Once the Winslow trade was done it was likely that Smith would be the odd man out leaving a TE core of Winslow, Gilmore and Stevens.

Smith, a 3rd round pick in ’05 looked to be a good find after a 41 catch rookie season. He’s not matched those stats since, due to a combination of the Bucs needing more QB protection, our QB seemingly keying on key recievers and the Bucs having a lot of TE’s in the rotation. Had the Bucs had a different style of offence I think Smith could have flourished. Going to the Pats with Brady et al could really help him rediscover that rookie season form. As with all ex Bucs I wish him well


Written by UK Bucs Fan

May 2, 2009 at 12:41 pm

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